Monday Madness

Today, I had to stay home with the kiddos since Rick had the opportunity to work 16 hours of overtime, usually it is his day home with the trio. I was really thinking today would be harder than usual because this was the 2nd day in a row I had them from sun up to sun down by myself, it is great when Rick and I are both home because we can give each other breaks and we work great together as a team with our group. So I wasn’t looking forward to another long day, however it turned out quite nice and I really enjoyed these guys. We started out taking Keith to school, then we went to Academy and Target. They did real good in the stores. The only issue we had was right before we were leaving Academy, Emma started bumping Faith with her hiny in the cart, so Faith would squeal loudly then Emma would try to bite her when she yelled in her ear. It sounds horrible but was quite comical to see. As we were checking out, Emma was amazed at the card swipe machine and was asking “Whats that?” and talking about the numbers, while Gunner was pointing out the words “Thank you” written on the handle of the cart. The cashier couldn’t believe they were only 19 months by the way they were speaking. She said “wow, they speak so clearly for their age, I can understand everything they are saying”, I was proud of them. Them we came home had lunch, a nap, and bunches of playtime. Gunner and Faith disappeared for a few minutes and that usually means trouble but it was awesome to find them hanging out in the playroom reading their new books together. They had a whole conversation about Elmo in one of the books.

Emma found a june bug on the porch and played with it for a good long while. She was fearless. She would touch it and make it walk when it would lay limp. The other two would squeal and pretend to touch it but really didn’t want to mess with it much.

Then we called daddy at work and made him a video because they have missed him the last few days.

Then Gunner and Faith came up with a new game to make themselves dizzy.

Finally, we finished the afternoon up with dinner and baths.

Emma sitting at the table like a big girl.

Faith at the table.

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